Leitura Zielinsky – Deep time of media – Intro

– the idea of geological deep time is so foreign to us that we can understand it only as a metaphor.

– The notion of continuous progress from lower ro higher, from simple to complex, must be abandoned, together with all the images, metaphors, and iconography that have been-and still are-used to describe progress.

– humankind is no longer the hub and pivot of the world in which we live bur, instead, a tiny accident that occurred in one of evolution’s side branches.

– bacteria, with their enormous variety and capacity for survival.

– The paradigm of technology as an organ was a crutch used in the development of mechanics; similarly, the organic becoming technology is now a poor prosthesis in the age of electronics and computation. Technology is not human; in a specific sense, it is deeply inhuman.

– Evolution, which is counted in billions of years, progresses very slowly.

– the ability to colleer and store knowledge and experience and to pass these on to others.

The history of the media is not the product of a predictable and necessary advance from primitive to complex apparatus.

– Media are spaces of action for constructed attempts to connect what is separated.

– In the longer term, the body of individual anarchaeological studies should form a variantology of the media.


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