sybille krämer

The sublime transformation of the body into flesh body and sign body : Spatiality and the principle of locality play a role.
The metamorphosis of ‘corporeality’ under the condition of virtualisation relates to a metamorphosis of ‘spatiality’ itself.
Thus, the mere simulated presence of the body in the data world is perceived as a real presence and triggers physical, anxious reactions in one’s own body.
– photo realistic, illusionary techniques.
– what counts is the fact that the setting ‘stepped into’ reacts to the user’s respective body movements.
– relation between virtuality, illusory placing and interaction.
‘Virtual’ is a term in optics which refers to images not based on light rays spreading linearly. Reflections, for instance, are virtual, insofar as they convey the impression of the mirrored objects as if they were actually located behind the mirror surface. Thus virtuality not only produces illusory objects, but provides real objects with illusory placings.
– a mapping of corporeal body to a data body, which acts as an arbitrary symbolic (re)construction of the viewpoint and movement of the physical body, is carried out. This can be accomplished by information technologically upgrading the body with a data suit, helmet and gloves, or more subtly,
via scanning or detecting the body by means of video cameras
lozano hemmer – arquitetura relacional –
soma : sema
Linear perspective creates a visual syntax.
The body is embodied mathematics.
Like central perspective transforming the resting body into something fundamentally characterised by its spatial position, virtual reality transforms the mobile body into something ascribed by its digitisable motion grid
‘Persona’ is derivative of ‘per-sonare’, “to sound through” and originally means the mask through which the ancient actor speaks his role.
The movement of the physical body becomes the condition of the possibility of activating the data body. ‘Flesh body’ and ‘sign body’ are distinguishable but correlate and, by that interplay, introduce the question for the modification of our conception of the body.

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