Dear Workshop Participants!

In 3 weeks we will start the project together. Because we will only have 2 weeks together we suggest that you start right now with ideas and preparations.
“Labour in a single shot”. That means that one has to find a moment of density and a point of view from which a process can be well observed.
Please think of work which you have done or of jobs friends are performing. Brazil is a country with a lot of disparity. It produces planes and has at the same time many people living nearly outside the economy.
You should try to find examples for both. In a modern society much work has become immaterial. Education, Marketing, Advertising, the Beauty Industry. People coach others how to perform – in a supermarket or in an office.
Also unpaid work can be a topic. The short film should underline that what is shown is also work – and not just an activity.
In every city we have a workshop we also ask the participants to film a shot “Workers leaving the Factory”. As you certainly know that was the first film ever shown – depicting the workers of the Lumière-factory in Lyon/France leaving though two gates.
The remake can as well show an office building, a construction site – what ever.
Please also consider such a project.
The films should be between one and two minutes long.
They should be in a single shot – but the camera can move, or the zoom can change the framing. A voice or music can be added.
It is advisable to work in groups. There is no limitation: a participant or group can work on several films.
In some cases a permission is needed. If you want to film in a clean room or lab, please try to get the permission right now.
While doing the research it is advisable to take a camera with you. It is worth studying the location one wants to film.
Nearly always an external mike records a better sound than the built-in one.
You can of course film something for 10 minutes and later cut out the best one or two minutes.
Try to make use of your experience. And try to explore new fields.
Please film with HD or “Full HD”. Because there are so many codecs nowadays, please give us a copy of the original.
The films should have a beginning and an end.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions!
Antje Ehmann & Harun Farocki


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2 Responses to Dear Workshop Participants!

  1. Icaro says:

    arrepiei!!! 😉

  2. paoleb says:

    Dear Harun, dear Antje, dear participants
    I am sending you some images of the Central de Operações da Prefeitura and some brief lines on my proposal. I am sending you these materials because tomorrow I won’t be able to join you, I am really sorry about that, but as a worker (!) I’ll have to be at my formal job tomorrow (!!) . Friday I’ll be back.

    People at the Central already answered positively to my message asking to film the activity of the image controllers. Since controllers are employed by different services, I need to talk to specific public relations bureaux. Tomorrow I’ll have news. I am trying to fix a date next week. It could be Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

    I am thinking of making a quite observational footage, only be there and film, in a 360o. shot, their activity. But I also would like to do an interview on their activities. Some issues: How is the training to do the job? What are they observing at the images? What are the abnormalities and the patterns? Is it boring, annoying, could it be interesting? Did the job changed the way they watch other kind of images (films, television)? As image controllers are their vision “contaminated” in some way?
    In case you have suggestions, we could discuss it together on friday.
    Now, as a home worker, I’ll take my son to bed:-)
    All the best

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