Valie Export

Valie Export
«Adjugated Dislocations I + II»

Version I – In Valie Export’s hands, the inter-media techniques and interaction between material and actor/audience associated with expanded cinema often mean direct physical cinema. Here, the perception of space and spatial continuity is conveyed by two Super-8 film cameras strapped to the artist’s breast and back. A third 16mm film camera documents the parallel and diametrally opposed scanning of various spatial situations, moving from a room over corridors, street, square into the open countryside. Finally, all three perspectives are projected in parallel, so that the recording process is represented alongside the filmic representation of the environment. Dislocation = spatial distribution, adjugated = conjoining of that which is separate.
Version II – a 1973 ‘video action’ with a room sculpture (a spiral) – is designed for an art-specific site, and accomplishes the transition from film to video by having two pairs of monitors transfer the images as a closed-circuit installation, with four different sound channels being inserted. The simultaneity of the electronic images from different parts of the room makes for an altered spatial perception into which the cameras incorporate the audience.


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