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Maurice Benayoun : “The physical space becomes a semantic space” -” The semantic context is definitely resulting from the actual experience.” kaleidoscopic fragments And more recently eGonomy (, a tool for discovery engines and applications based on serendipity thinking adapted to … Continue reading

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What is the full form of ISDN? Explain use of ISDN in Internet

Integrated Services Digital network is a telephone system network. It is a wide area network becoming widely available. Prior to the ISDN, the phone system was viewed as a way to transport voice, with some special services available for data. … Continue reading

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Hai Kai

I Muitos, muitos pensamentos Voltam à minha mente. Flores de cerejeiras. II No caminho, a febre: E por meus sonhos, planura seca, Vou errante…

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“La liste implique discontinuité et non continuité. Elle suppose un certain agencement matériel, une certaine disposition spatiale ; elle peut être lue en différents sens, latéralement et verticalement, de haut en bas comme de gauche à droite, ou inversement, elle … Continue reading

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Leslie manda notícias

Las plantas escuchan y también hablan Por: Roberta Bosco y Stefano Caldana | 15 de diciembre de 2012 Llevamos décadas preguntándonos si las plantas nos escuchan. Y ahora, cuando por fin los más atrevidos se han puesto de acuerdo en que no sólo nos escuchan, sino que … Continue reading

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labour in one shot (8 minutes)

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Le moindre geste (1971) Fernand Deligny

Writer and pedagogue Fernand Deligny influenced a number of artists and French intellectuals. His work on autism influenced Deleuze and Guattari’s theory of the rhizome. Francois Truffaut turned to his ideas to complete Les 400 Coups. Throughout the film Deligny … Continue reading

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