Mindfulness Machines and Magic

Code Experiments: Making Mindful Machines
Hybrid Systems: Stop Making Sense Start Making Senses!

Getting information from the environment
Inventing sensory organs
Vibrations that form our audio universe

Cognitive sciences artificial intelligence
What is intelligence?
What is mindfulness?

Ref: http://www.loebner.net/Prizef/TuringArticle.html

Machines can have behaviour that surprises you



Artificial Intelligence and cognitive sciences – how languages work?
How nerves works
How neurological system work
Conexionist style of thinking –
Symbolic approach x biological thinking
totally abstract x bodyness = attention to the material
proprioception – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proprioception

Cybernetic Art
The Senster


HA – hiperorganismo antropofágico from Guto Nobrega on Vimeo.

Self governation

We are constructing the world while we are experiencing it. Radical Construtivism
Trivial Machines x Untrivial machines

Freedom and responsability to decide.


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