TM an CTM Notes – work in progress

23.01 – CTM HackLab Opening. “The stimulation of bio-organisms through sensory (aural/visual) and electrical stimulation in feedback loops is presented by programming stimuli in real time and in a definite time-rhythmic sequence — music is art most involved in real-time organisation of sensory stimulation.” – Manford L. Eaton

I have seen Marcus Donaruma work in Dresden and also at our Class with Alberto de Campo. I think it is really nice the way he performs, I mean the choreography, the gestures, the way the body is integrated into the system, within a contrast between a very precise and delicate moving and a very strong, heavy sound produced by the interface. Here another work he presented some years ago.

Leslie began her presentation before the scheduled time, so I lost the beginning. I think it was not clear in how far the sound was being processed by the brain waves; the sensor in her head, in the darkness, could me interpreted as a headphone. She was sitting, minimal moves, operating machines at the table, processing image and sound and receiving the light of the projection over her. It was beautiful, but a bit long and not clear about the technology involved – what i think could be an extra layer of meaning for the spectator, if we could see the patches as well. I love her work anyway and I think she has other pieces that are more powerful.

PD+GEM VideoSampler from LessNullVoid on Vimeo.


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