Lua lua lua


Planetenkinder der Luna, Mittelalterliches Hausbuch der Grafen von Waldburg Wolfegg, fol. 17r, Fürstliche Sammlung, ca. 1470

Reproduction_of_Kepler's_Somnium_1634_Title_PageSomnium (Latin for “The Dream”) was a science fiction novel written in 1608, in Latin, by Johannes Kepler. The narrative would not be published until 1634 by Kepler’s son, Ludwig Kepler. In the narrative, an Icelandic boy and his witch mother learn of an island named Levania (our Moon) from a daemon (demon). Somnium presents a detailed imaginative description of how the Earth might look when viewed from the Moon, and is considered the first serious scientific treatise on lunar astronomy.



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