Es riecht nach Urlaub

Durante o último final de semana participei do viradão cultural de Neukölln em duo com o músico Felix Astor . Zea Mays é a experiência cinestésica que propusemos: uma montagem de imagens e textos sobre o milho, remixados ao vivo na dupla projeção sobre a panela. Durante 30 minutos cozinhamos as espigas, degustadas pelos presentes ao final do ritual cinefágico. A projeção na panela e no vapor d’água anima uma espécie de “Atlas do milho”, onde os temas da descolonização, dos trangênicos e do mito se misturam ao cheiro, ao sabor e aos loops de berimbau, pandeiro e palmas que modulam a imagem em tempo real.

While Maize is cooked, there are images to be seen and sounds to be heard.
While pot is warm and open, screen is on.

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Cinephagic Ritual at Floating Gestures
Paola Barreto – Laptopf
Felix Astor – Percussion
Curators: Dina Boswank and Johanna Steindorf

Cinephagic Ritual is a Live Cinema Performance which invites us to join a synesthetical screening mixing taste and imagination.

The condition for the appearance of the entities are: heat, food and memories to be shared.

In this expanded cinema the smoke which comes out from a pot is our screening surface, producing a special ritual associated with some Maize Ceremonies observed in different Amerindian cultures.

Maize still has a traditional meaning in the whole continent and its name in many native languages is usually associated with life itself. In Brazil, June is a period for its harvest, and through syncretic associations it has been prepared as “comida de santo” – holy meal – for some African deities, like Oxóssi.

Considering that we eat with our eyes first, we propose this hybrid aesthetic experience in smoke signals, and it is not possible to say where the feeding ends and the cinematic starts.



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