Im Gespräch mit Arno Kissinger

Photography has played an important role in my work as a dispositif of thinking. I was introduced quite early to camera, lenses, and dark room techniques, since my father was an amateur photographer and we had a black and white lab at our home. I graduated in Film Studies, where I studied theoreticians such as Andre Bazin and Roland Barthes, who opened the world of phenomenology to me; and artists like Man Ray and Rodchencko, who showed me how the medium could be invention, poetry and revolution. Recently I have been working with resignification of found footage, video remix and collage.

I see images as traces of something that is not necessarily in the frame, but that can always trigger a process, between oblivion and memory. A photograph is something in-between: archive, document, invention. Conceiving memory as a construction and History as discourse, I like to think photography through its fictional potential.


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