Natal Jungle Bells

Catálogo da exposição em 2005 no Met de NYC:

Mina Crandon, a famous spiritual medium during the late 1920s, was the subject of many skeptics. One of Crandon’s famous skeptics was Harry Houdini, the escape artist. Houdini tried everything to expose the fraudulent claims of Crandon. In 1939, she was exposed and her popularity declined until her death in 1941.

Stashower, Daniel. “The medium and the magician.” American History 34.3 (1999): 38+.Academic OneFile. Web. 25 Dec. 2015.

Heinz von Forster

I. Problem

While in the first quarter of this century physicists and cosmologists were forced to revise the basic notions that govern the natural sciences, in the last quarter of this century biologists will force a revision of the basic notions that govern science itself. After that “first revolution” it was clear that the classical concept of an “ultimate science,” that is an objective description of the world in which there are no subjects (a “subjectless uni- verse”), contains contradictions.

To remove these one had to account for an “observer” (that is at least for one subject): (i) Observations are not absolute but relative to an observer’s point of view (i.e., his coordinate system: Einstein); (ii) Obser- vations affect the observed so as to obliterate the observer’s hope for prediction (i.e., his uncertainty is absolute: Heisenberg).

After this, we are now in the possession of the truism that a description (of the universe) implies one who describes (observes it). What we need now is the description of the “describer” or, in other words, we need a theory of the observer.

schrödinger: what is life?


filosofia para a morte :



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