Pesquisa Psíquica

Society of psychic research Londres 1882

Experimento de michelson-morley


“Much of the early work involved investigating, exposing and in some cases duplicating fake phenomena. Richard Hodgson distinguished himself in that area; one of the most interesting exposures of that period was carried out by Hodgson with his friend, S. J. Davey. Originating the “fake séance” technique for educating the public (including SPR members), Davey gave sittings under an assumed name, duplicating the slate-writing phenomena produced by a medium named Eglinton, and then proceeded to point out to the sitters the manner in which they had been deceived.

However, there were a number of mediums, both physical and mental, who seem to have produced striking phenomena and veridical information under conditions which can be described as experimental.”































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