Eletromagnetismo e arte

Da exposição curada por Armin Medosch, Waves


“Xaver has created a ‘painting’ using conductive silver paint. The work, called 433 MHz(1993), consists of a black canvas on which straight silver lines have been painted. The length of the lines has been calculated to correspond to the wavelength of 433 MHz. This frequency belongs to a so called ISM band, one of a range of frequencies which are licence exempt and can be used as a waves ‘commons’ for industrial, scientific and medical applications. This particular frequency, 433 MHz, is used for instance by baby monitors and wireless keys such as car keys, as well as wireless microphones. When waves of that frequency pass through that painting, it starts to ‘swing’, as the painting gets charged with energy.”  – http://www.thenextlayer.org/node/604



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