A magnetic field consists of three components, x, y and z. Those components describes a point in a threedimensional space where the x axis runs in a geographical nort-south direction, y-axis in a geographical west-east direction and z axis in an up-down direction perpendicular to the x- and y-axis. If you go out of origo in that coordinate system a vector to that point describes the direction and strength (the length of the vector. nT (nanoTesla wikipedia) is used often as measurement unit for that strength) of the magnetic field.
the film projector traces the reciprocal relationship of astronomy and cinema.

220 ft umbrella antenna of 200 kHz wireless telegraphy station near Newcastle, England, 1910

John Ambrose Fleming – Retrieved February 17, 2015 from John Ambrose Fleming (1910) The Principles of Electric Wave Telegraphy and Telephony, 2nd Ed., Longmans, Green and Co., New York, p. 797, fig. 16 on Google Books

Umbrella antenna for early VLF spark transmitter at Nauen, Germany, 1907


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