Meilassoux e a ciência

“Now, we certainly can’t believe ingenuously that a scientific theory, in the field of the natural sciences, could be »true«. Not because of some radical scepticism toward the sciences, but rather by virtue of the very process of science: historically it has displayed an extraordinary inven- tiveness in ceaselessly destroying its own theories, even the most fundamental ones, replacing them with para- digms that no one could have anticipated. Of course, the same holds for the current state of science: we just can’t say what future theories of cosmology, future theories of ancestrality, will be (the past, we might say, is unpre- dictable). But even if we can’t positively assert that an ancestral theory is effectively true, I insist that we must maintain that it could be true.”

“Unreason becomes the attribute of an absolute time capable of destroying or creating any determinate entity without any reason for its creation or destruction.”


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